• Charitini Rooms Thassos
  • Charitini Rooms Thassos
  • Charitini Rooms Thassos
  • Charitini Rooms Thassos

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Special offers valid for whole summer.

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Charitini Rooms


We have 7 rooms (of 30-40 square meters each) all equipped with kitchen, bathroom and parking space.

All rooms have WiFi, A/C, heating , hair dryer and TV 14 '. The kitchens are equipped with oven, kettle, fridge and coffee maker.

Moreover, at our wonderful garden area you can prepare your own meals in a specially designed area and also have barbeque. Additionally, there is a lot of protected space for children to play.

And in just 30 meters walk distance, you reach the best beach and the center of Skala Potamia, Thassos island.




Charitini Rooms

Papagravriil Charitini

Skala Potamia


Tel: +30 2593061187 & +30 2593031186

Fax: +30 2593031186       

[email protected]

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